Your business depends on your IT systems. We’re confident that we are the only network services, computer support, or IT consulting business in Columbia, Charleston, or Greenville that provides these benefits to your business.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Carolina Innovative Research to keep you and your business up and running:

  • FAST response to eliminate the “down-time Double Slap”
    – We understand computer failures cause staff down time causing a monetary “double slap” – you lose revenue opportunities AND you STILL PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES to sit there, UNABLE TO WORK. You need resolution FAST, so we guarantee in writing to start working on your issue in 30 minutes or less from when you call our help desk. That translates to a faster resolution, and gets you and your staff back to the work of YOUR business.
  • We are your “one throat to choke”
    – We HATE finger pointing, and you have better things to do than sit on the phone another vendor’s tech support. You do not “speak their language.” You already explained the issue to your IT guy. You just want your systems to WORK again and stop disrupting your business. At CI, TAKE OWNERSHIP of your issue and work directly with your other vendors to resolve it. We save you time, effort, and frustration. No finger pointing, no “call your software vendor.” Just call CI. We’ll take it from here.
  • Proactive Mindset Means Fewer “Slaps” – Instead of waiting for trouble to strike your business, we take a proactive approach and INSIST on monitoring ALL your technology assets to reduce the “down time double slap.” We ensure that your computers, your network, and the applications critical to your business “just work.” We CATCH and RESOLVE issues BEFORE trouble strikes. We DRASTICALLY reduce support calls, and make the “double slap” a thing of the past.
  • We answer our phones live, every call, every time – We hate calling a company only to talk to a machine. Every one of our main lines are answered live by a knowledgeable, friendly staff member every call, every time. This saves you time & frustration, and we get started on your problem faster.
  • We THRIVE in today’s complex business environment – Making your devices, cloud apps, and “traditional” software function together seamlessly can seem dauntingly complex. We THRIVE in this environment. We make all the pieces fit seamlessly, from email to ERP, time tracking to practice management, records management, access control, video conferencing and beyond – we keep it “SIMPLE” for you.
  • We TEACH and EXPLAIN instead of using geek-speak – We hate geek-speak. Founded by a teacher, one of our core ideals is that we must be able to EXPLAIN our solutions and the actions we take in terms you understand. We EDUCATE you and your users. We make you BETTER, MORE EFFICIENT consumers of technology. This translates to faster resolution, less frustration, and less down time for you and your staff.
  • 100% money-back guarantee – Buyer’s remorse? We’ve all had it. Didn’t get what you paid for? Not this time! We guarantee it will NEVER happen with CI, and we back that up with our written, 100% money-back “Thrilled Today or You Don’t Pay” guarantee. We fix it, and you are happy, or we will refund your money for the service call, month of service, or product, guaranteed.
  • We make sure YOU keep the keys to your “IT kingdom” – Information about your systems - passwords, inventory, applications, how they fit together to make your business run – These are the KEYS to your “IT Kingdom.” We need that information to take care of your business, but we never want to be the only ones in control. We ALWAYS provide you with updated, detailed, written, and complete documentation of your systems to keep you in control.
    SIDE NOTE: You should NEVER allow an IT person to have that much control over you and your company. If you get the sneaking suspicion that your current IT person is keeping this under their control as a means of job security, get rid of them (and we can help to make sure you don’t suffer ANY ill effects). This is downright unethical and dangerous to your organization, so don’t tolerate it!
  • Continual training for better results – You wouldn’t pick a sports team that didn’t constantly train and practice, would you? Well, you might – for ONE season, anyway – until their 1-10, 5-77, or 1-however-many-games-they-played record shows their lack of focus, lack of practice, and SERIOUS lack of effort. Picking an IT company that doesn’t constantly train and practice their craft on systems NOT BELONGING TO THE CUSTOMER is no different – because if they aren’t practicing on their own systems, they’re practicing on YOURS, and they will end up with a 1-10 record at your office, too. Our founder’s insistence on teaching and education means we _CONSTANTLY_ train our staff, require that they “practice” on our own test systems, and seek out challenging new opportunities to learn to ensure our staff’s skills stay sharp.