Foundational Values

I have a driving desire to grow, learn, and improve myself and my work. I realize that there is always room for improvement in all that I do and as such, I consistently seek those activities and people that will encourage me and push me forward. It is to say: I seek daily to be the very best version of myself.

I hold myself accountable for my words, my actions, and my inaction. I hold myself to a standard of personal integrity and honesty in each of my dealings with others in my personal and professional life, and deliver on explicit and implicit promises made. I own the successes or consequences wrought by my words, actions and inaction, including when I fail to or succeed at upholding this standard, and I will neither diminish nor exaggerate my contributions to those outcomes.

I act out of the knowledge and belief that no matter how difficult the situation or task I face, I have the skills, tools, and resources necessary to succeed. This is not to say that I must act alone, or that success will necessarily be exactly as I envision it, but I have the confidence to hold my head high and work toward resolution. This is also not to say that I act with ego or hubris, but instead a stoic, confident mindset of self-determination.

Functional Values

Our conduct, presentation, and work product reflect on us as individuals and collectively as a company. The quality of those items influence how we each are perceived, how we perceive ourselves, and the opportunities presented to us. As such, we comport ourselves with the highest level of skill, good judgment, polite behavior, confidence and personal appearance. We take great pride in our work as individuals and as a whole, and the benefits it provides us and our customers. We remain always open to critique and criticism from our fellow professionals, and actively seek it from our subordinates and superiors. We are open in reporting to others and are willing to change our thinking and behavior when it is found that they are found in error. It is to say: We are consummate professionals in all we are and do.

We are a team. We are each aligned towards the team's goals and achieve maximum effect as we put forth our maximum effort to those ends. We support each other when we fall, celebrate together when we succeed, and most importantly, learn from our shared experience. It is to say: we work, win, lose, succeed, fail, and learn together.

Each of us is also an individual who is to be cared for, nurtured, and encouraged to grow. Whether superior, subordinate, or co-worker, we each seek and provide direct "face time," leadership, follower-ship, and mentor-ship, to and from each as appropriate. We each take a direct interest in each other's goals, growth, work, and overall well-being, in both our personal and professional lives. It is to say: We give attention to the whole self that is each one of us, by each one of us.

Relational Values

We are flawed human beings who make mistakes. We work with flawed human beings who also make mistakes. We therefore treat others with the respect, dignity, forgiveness, and care we would want to receive, even when it seems such treatment is both unearned and undeserved by the recipient. It is to say: We treat others better than how we hope to be treated.

Embodied Values

We will give our customers uncommon care and support, understanding that when they contact us, they may feel as though their world is in disorder. We understand that to our customers, their work, their outlook, or possibly their entire "view" at that moment may be consumed and obstructed by the issue they are facing, even if the issue may seem trivial or "easy" to us. It is our responsibility to help restore that order and allow them to return to their normal operating state, while showing we truly care and understand the situation they are in. It is to say: "We seek first to understand, then be understood, communicating and working with grace and humility."

As professionals, we provide the highest quality work of which we are capable and adhere to the best practices and highest standards currently available in our industry. Our customers expect us to not just provide value, or provide "a fix" to their current problem, but to understand their goals, business needs, and "big picture" ideas and then create solutions that help empower those endeavors. We must, therefore, share our knowledge in a manner understandable by those without the level of technical prowess we may posses. We also seek to understand THEIR businesses, industries, and thought processes. Therefore, we actively seek out learning and growth opportunities to stay on top of new technology, new practices, and new business trends in both our industry and our customers' industries.

As competent professionals, it is insufficient for us grow simply through learning the mistakes and best practices of others. This is true not just in our trade, but also in every aspect of our business - recruiting, human resources, finance, management, marketing, etc. We therefore approach our work with a spirit of innovation that encourages and rewards experimentation, taking risks, and trying new ideas to see if they work. We still have commitments, and must maintain our quality of work while experimenting, but even through our failures, we know that on the whole, we will benefit because we will, at the very least, then know that what does not work. This does not mean that we abandon best practices or the experience and ideas of others, or expose our customers to trouble. On the contrary - where appropriate, we will build on the experience of others and push their experiments - their ideas - one step further. It is to say: "we are dreamers, shapers, thinkers, and makers. We are unsatisfied by the status quo, and constantly seek to shape it.

Acting as professionals, we treat each other in a matter that we will never have to apologize for our actions or behavior. This means treating customers, vendors, and each other, with honor and grace, and as we would want to be treated. It is not to say that our outcomes, or "net effects" of our actions will always be perfect or as we would like, but we consistently seek to act with a stoic, humble mindset, with confidence, competence, and attention to the individual such that our behavior acts as an exemplar of how business should be done.

Life and business are an inseparable journey of meaningfulness, of bringing our passion into the world.  That is more than stats, metrics, customer satisfaction surveys, and the like.  It is emotive, meaning it is about how we FEEL and RELATE to our work and to those with whom we do business.

Our Company

We want a company to be more than just a collection of people charging customers money for work provided.  We want to be an organization that helps provide meaning to our employees, value to our customers, and overall acts as a bright light – a city on a hill – to those who see her.  We want this place to be unlike any other IT company, any other work environment, and any other experience our customers have with their vendors.

This is NOT to say that we always succeed in our efforts.  We are flawed humans (see value: grace) and no one can live up to their ideals all the time.  However, we know that this is the goal – this is our raiason d’etre, and we will constantly strive to meet these values.

Our Values

Our values are broken into four categories – how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to our work, how we relate to each other, and how we embody our values to the world.  We invite you to read through our values and share your thoughts with us. We also want your help holding us accountable.  If you see a place where we are not upholding our values – call us on it.  We actively seek criticism from those around us.