Chavous Camp
CEO & Master Technology Strategist

Best-selling author, cybersecurity expert, and award-winning speaker Chavous Camp is the CEO and co-founder of Carolina Innovative Research.  As a driven leader, entrepreneur, and showman, Chavous leads the sales initiatives for CI and acts as visionary for the direction, culture, and technological innovation at CI.  Chavous is no stranger to thinking outside of the box, and has been the “creative solution creator” throughout his career.

Chavous has over 20 years experience in technology, and about the same in managing and leading teams to success.  He is the creator of the proprietary “Question-X” customer experience model and our “Five steps to Technology success” customer success model.

Chavous is also our lead technology strategist, responsible for the majority of direction and vision behind our clients’ technological improvements.

Andrea Camp
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Camp is the COO and co-founder of Carolina Innovative Research.  Hailing from the education industry and a certified classroom teacher, Andrea brings unparalleled organizational skills, a “GSD” (Get ‘Stuff’ Done) mentality, and a “the trains must run on time” personal work ethic to CI. As COO, she is responsible for daily operations and for holding the rest of us accountable for our goals and deliverables.  Andrea applies her passion for teaching to our team by being responsible for onboarding and training new employees, onboarding new clients, and ensuring that employees and end users understand and are utilizing their tools effectively and efficiently. She is the process queen, the “break it down and make it simple” guru, and without her, the company would grind to a screeching halt. Andrea also serves as our HIPAA Compliance lead, and acts as both our Security and Privacy officer.