Thrilled Clients, Immediate Response, and Values leading our actions

Chavous and Andrea Camp founded Carolina Innovative Research in 2013 as a niche IT services and cyber security firm serving the business of South Carolina, based on a handful of values and a strong desire to build something unlike any other IT service firm - and even unlike most "normal" small businesses in the market.

No Ordinary Place

We wanted a company to be more than just a collection of people charging customers money for work provided.  We want to be an organization that helps provide meaning to our employees, value to our customers, and overall acts as a bright light – a city on a hill – to those who see her.  We want this place to be unlike any other IT company, any other work environment, and any other experience our customers have with their vendors.

Our core purpose: To build a company unlike any other that is an exemplar of Competence, Compassion, Innovation, and Class for our customers, employees, trade partners, and community, while Thrilling our clients, providing them an IMMEDIATE response to issues, and a SINGLE throat to choke.

  • We are Values Led and Values Driven
    Competence in our performance,
    Compassion in our actions,
    Innovation in our methods,
    and Class in all we do.
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  • We make two promises: We thrill our clients, and they'll receive an immediate response when they call us for service.
  • We back those promises with a written guarantee, and we actively seek input from our clients to make sure we KEEP those promises.
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